Local Frequencies, Repeaters, and Nets

Club members are encouraged to monitor the following simplex frequencies at home and while mobile:
28.400 USB

Local Nets
Mondays at 1930- The McKean County Amateur Radio Club net is held weekly on Monday nights on the 146.850 repeater.
Sundays at 2100 — Wide Area Network Repeater System Emergency Service Net is hosted by Cambria Radio Club ARES/ACS by AB3AA, W3TKR, KB3UIW, or N3SSD using W3WAN (locally on KD3IJ repeater 444.400 PL 88.5). There is a roster roll call at first, followed by open check-ins.

Local Repeaters

53.310- (127.3) KD3IJ repeater near Knapp Creek, NY  (connected to Sherman system)
146.850- (127.3) W3VV repeater near Knapp Creek, NY (stand alone/solar power)
147.240+ (173.8) KD3OH repeater near Bradford, PA (stand alone)*
147.300+ (173.8) NJ3K repeater near Smethport, PA (connected to 444.525)

444.400+ (88.5) KD3IJ repeater near Bradford, PA  (connected to Sherman system)
444.525+ (173.8) KD3IJ repeater near Smethport, PA (connected to 147.300)
Local DSTAR: see www.w3vg.com

*Currently experiencing technical issues.

Sherman Repeater System Map