December 16, 2018: Christmas Dinner & Meeting, Smethport, PA
The club members gathered together at the McKean County DES building on a Sunday afternoon to celebrate the holiday season.  Each member brought a dish to pass and the food was terrific: turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, deviled eggs, pistachio salad, baked beans, scalloped potatoes, cheese curd, homemade caramel puff corn, French Quarter cheese spread, and tiramisu...just to name a few!  Don, N3ELI, and Sandee, N3HPL, generously donated a large Christmas surprise box that was raffled off as a fundraiser.  Tim, KD2NAO, was the winner of all the goodies.  We had 21 people in total.  It was a nice get-together.  After the festivities, the club met briefly for the annual meeting. 

Happy holidays and best wishes for 2019!

October 16, 2018: Bruce, NJ3K, Works 100 Countries...While CW QRP Mobile!
Club member Bruce Manning, NJ3K, accomplished an impressive milestone:  he worked 100 DXCC entities using CW while QRP mobile!  This feat was first acknowledged by the Amalgamated Association of Mobile CW QRP Operators, of which Bruce is the president and sole member.  He bestowed upon himself the title of Transcendent Operator (see certificate below).   Later, the more legitimate North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC) issued Bruce certificate number 1 for the notable accomplishment (see below).
Congratulations, Bruce!

October 12-14, 2018: PA QSO Party at Elk Lick Scout Reserve, Smethport, PA
For the second year in a row, several members participated in the PA QSO Party at the Elk Lick Scout Reserve near Smethport, PA.  A few even stayed the night at Orlos Lodge.  We had over 800 contacts!
September 30, 2018: 80th Anniversary Celebration, Bradford, PA
The McKean County Amateur Radio Club, Inc. turned 80 years old in August of 2018.  As one of the oldest ARRL clubs in country, we decided to celebrate the occasion with a party at the the Foster Township Community Park.  Although it was raining and chilly, we still had fun celebrating!  We had a wonderful picnic, a great birthday cake, and around 100 QSOs for our special event station.  We would like to thank everyone who made this party possible and especially all the club members before us.  Here's to 80 more!  
September 8, 2018: Parks on the Air (POTA), Red House, NY
The club activated Allegany State Park in Red House, New York (K-2006) for Parks on the Air (POTA).  We operated from the historic Stone Tower, just outside Salamanca, New York.  We were the first entity to ever activate Allegany State Park for​ POTA and WWFF/KFF! The HF conditions were poor but we still managed to make 71 phone QSOs and 25 QRP CW QSOs.  

Bradford Era article from 09-14-2018

June 23-24, 2018: ARRL Field Day, Marshburg, PA
The club has used the Marshburg area for Field Day and other radio events on numerous occasions over the past eighty years.  The club decided to get back to their historical roots and use this area once again for Field Day 2018.  The Black Bear Campground, located at 4930 Route 59, was a gracious host for this event.

It had been several years since the club participated in Field Day, so a few operators decided at the last minute to organize a Field Day for this year.  We had a total of 12 participants (operators and visitors):  4 ops, 2 observers, 4 visitors (including section manager), and 2 club members dropping off supplies. We operated as W3VV and 3A (3 transmitters, 100% generator power) for the 24 hour period.  We made 195 QSOs using a 40 meter dipole, random wire, and the N3KTA "kegtenna".  Though we were surely not breaking any records, it was an highly enjoyable and educational experience.  This was a great start for reviving our storied Field Day traditions.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the wonderful staff of the Black Bear Campground for their hospitality and accommodations. 

April 17, 2018: Elmer Session, Smethport, PA
Jack, K2BYL, organized an Elmer session before the monthly meeting to experiment with his various Slinky antenna designs.